How To Make Culinary Photos Look Good

Do you like photos of food being visited or photographing your cuisine? But what culinary photos do you take are still not good? We will provide articles on how to make culinary photos look attractive.

If you like culinary activities there is nothing wrong with the food you eat being photographed and put on Instagram, or other social media especially when you eat food abroad that you have never eaten, of course you want to take it as a memento. We will provide a way of culinary photos to make them look interesting:

  • Lighting

Lighting is very important in shooting and when light is lacking the resulting image will be dark and not good. You should take pictures in the morning or evening, if at night use a flash or bright lights.

  • Add Accessories

Add napkins, forks, spoons or objects that can beautify the food you eat.

  • Odd number

Odd numbers on the objects you are shooting will increase attraction, such as the number of plates and spoons.

  • Set the Props

Prepare and arrange props such as spoons, forks, tablecloths, dishes and food appeal.

  • Hygiene

Decorate your food or form it as interesting as possible, usually the food has been decorated by the chef before food is served if you go to a restaurant or cafe.

Structuring food is a basic thing that you must understand. The arrangement of food is usually related to the coordination of the appropriate color, presentation, decoration and background. For example, the composition of the color of green dishes with brightly colored foods will be more appropriate than dark foods.

  • Photo from above
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Taking photos from above the food will look clearer and more beautiful. If you take photos from the front or side, you will find it difficult to improve the food side. To avoid problems with perspective, excessive openness or unsightly background, it is recommended that you keep taking directly from above.

  • Focus When Taking Photos

Focus is very important when shooting, from a DSLR camera or smartphone if you are out of focus when taking a photo, the picture will blur and your photo will fail.

  • Creative

Arrange the food you eat as creatively as possible, do not imitate culinary photos from other forographers, if you are creative in arranging or decorating, your photos will be more unique and liked by connoisseurs of culinary photos.

  • Use hashtag on your Instagram

If you want to upload your photos on Instagram, use the tags that are as creative as possible or unusual. use a mixture of popular and unusual hashtags. Unusual ones will help push your posts to the top ten for those hashtags, making them easier to find and eventually like. That’s the way to make your culinary photos look interesting, now you can hunt culinary and upload them to your instagram.

  • Continue to practice

Don’t upload your food photo just once, but you also have to practice your photos to become more interesting to see. Keep looking for your favorite culinary and don’t forget to take pictures and upload them to your social media.

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