8 Top Japanese Food

Japan is the country most visited by tourists from all over the world, in this country there are many interesting things. Like the tourist attractions, films and music. But not only that, Japanese cuisine is also in great demand by world tourists. Cuisine from this country is already well-known by countries from all over the world. Here is a list of favorite Japanese foods:

1. Ramen

Noodles are foods that are widely produced in Asian countries, one of them is Japan. Noodles in this country are commonly called ramen. What distinguishes ramen from noodles from other countries is that it has the characteristic of thin and yellow noodles and is the result of handmade or machine-made noodles. Besides ramen can be given additional meat, vegetables or eggs to make this food more delicious.

2. Soba

One type of noodles in Japan besides ramen is soba, the same as ramen, the main ingredient of this food is noodles. What distinguishes it from ramen is buckwheat eaten with a separate sauce, in contrast to ramen mixed with a sauce containing a bowl.

3. Yakiniku

 If you are a meat buff it doesn’t hurt to try to believe me. Yakiniku is Japanese roast meat, the meat used to make yakiniku can be from beef, pork, or baked offal.

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4. Takoyaki

Food this time has the basic ingredients of flour and inside it is usually filled with octopus meat, but not only octopus, there are also those containing cheese, chicken, squid, shrimp, and others.

  1. Onigiri

In addition to noodles, rice is also the staple food most eaten by Asians, especially in Japan. And in this country, rice is also formed in various ways, one of which is called onigiri. This food is stuffed rice filled with tuna, chicken, salmon, and confident beef.

  1. Sashimi

Sashimi is a food made from fresh sea fish which is usually served while still raw and enjoyed with soy sauce and lemon juice. The taste of fresh sea fish makes this food very delicious.

  1. Udon

One more type of noodle in Japan besides ramen and soba. Udon has a larger form of noodle than the two types of noodles above, It feels thick and tasty, it will make you addicted.

  1. Sushi

This food is the most famous Japanese cuisine, sushi is Japanese food consisting of rice formed with side dishes in the form of seafood, meat, raw or cooked vegetables. Chefs from abroad consider sushi to be a food that shows beauty.

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